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Incarnation of the Love of God

Serving as a campus minister at UC-Irvine, one of the most dynamic campuses in the University of California system, has constantly reminded me that it is not our human flesh but the transcending power of the Holy Spirit that makes it possible for a campus ministry like Canterbury Irvine to reach out to those who live, work and learn on campus and to serve their needs, regardless of age, race, culture, gender, or nationality. In fact, it has been the goal of this Canterbury Community at UCI to incarnate the love of God by providing a space for exploration, prayer, friendship, sharing, service, growth, and a feel of home away from home, so that not only people who join may have a sweet taste of the love of God but the value of the Kingdom of Heaven may also be able to be lived out on campus through the life and work of this loving campus fellowship. I pray that the fire of the Holy Spirit will be stirred up continually in this Canterbury community at UCI to inflame those who join and to make them powerful witnesses to the love of God wherever they go on campus!

~ Fennie H. Chang, Episcopal Campus Minister at UC-Irivne

Canterbury Irvine and I

Some people look forward to Friday each week, but for me Thursday is my favorite day, since every Thursday I can look forward to a wonderful evening of spiritual fellowship, delicious food, and a general sense of camaraderie at Canterbury.  In the hustle and bustle of daily pursuits & obligations, it can be easy to forget the important stuff that really matters, such as faith, family, and friends.

Canterbury provides a time to get re-centered, and focused on the peaceful and essential things. Going every week brings me balance and comfort that can be hard to find other places. It is a welcoming community that means so much to me!

~ Marina White

(Marina White is currently our student leader and a PhD student in Psychology and Social Behavior.)