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All Saints & All Souls

“We will all die,” writes anthropologist Arthur Frank, “and that is all right.” In our era of heroic measures to extend life without question, exemplified so often in television dramas in which exemplary doctors do the impossible, it is hard to imagine death as something to be celebrated, death as part of that which we as Christians regard as part of the community, the communion, of saints from time ancient to now and into the future. In Mexico, in Asia, and in places around North America, families, neighborhoods, whole communities gather to remember not only those who have died but to remind ourselves that they and we remain part of this intimate fabric that the pang of separation only makes more clear. On November 4th, Canterbury Irvine will honor the traditions of that many communities from which our students hail in a special All Souls/All Saints celebration that incorporates rituals and practices from Mexico, Korea, Japan, China and the Philippines. We invite you to join us.

-Jim Lee

Prov VIII: San Francisco

This past March 26-28, three members of Canterbury Club went and joined up with Canterbury Clubs from many of the colleges and universities around the western U.S. in San Francisco.  The theme of the weekend was “Ignatian Spirituality” and included a pilgrimage walk around the city, worship, and fellowship.  Here are refections from the students who went, Marina White and Jonathan Lopez:

“I appreciated the guidance that was offered by our leaders at this retreat, as I started each day with reflection & ended it the same. I also enjoyed the sense of camaraderie  and adventure that I experienced with the other attendees.” – Marina White

“.  I am deeply grateful for the opportunity that was given to me by attending Prov 8. I thank the Lord our God who has been there since the beginning of not only the world but also my birth. God, I believe, has done many wonderful things in people’s lives including mine. Attending a retreat that was far away from home and not knowing what to expect gave me an anxiety. I was afraid that I would not fit in and be the outcast of the whole group. Nonetheless, I was thrilled and pleased to meet wonderful people who I soon became friends and bonded with. I was going through a rough time with family before attending Prov 8, and I felt as though I needed to go away for a weekend. I am glad I decided to attend the retreat because it not only gave me the chance to express myself and feel as though I could actually be able to breath again, but it also brought me closer to God. I was afraid that my connection to God was fading away little by little; however, by going to San Francisco and doing the exercise that was assigned to us by going to different places and reflecting on our experience with the word of God, I felt that I had found the answers I was looking for. I am glad I did not take this trip for granted; instead I decided to go and I have no regrets whatsoever. I encourage anyone to go and not think twice about the trip. It is worth-while and it will change your life forever and I say it from personal experience. A word of advice, give it your all and put heart to it. Let God be your guide in this journey. God Bless you and the name of the Father, the Son and The Holy Spirit.” – Jonathan Lopez